Community & Corporate Workshops We Offer

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Create Passion: In Your Relationships, Career, and Life
  • Would you like to feel more alive, energized, and excited about your life?
  • Learn how to be more present and to tap into the joy in every day moments
  • Rediscover meaning and purpose in your life and relationships
  • Excavate your hidden passions
  • Create a life that tickles your soul
Develop Your Intuition: Manifest Your Dreams
  • Learn strategies to tap in to your inner wisdom
  • Learn how to effortlessly attract what you want in life
  • Start making more satisfying decisions by using your intuition
  • Learn to flow through life with greater ease and peace of mind
Stress Management: Create a Healthy Balance & Prevent Burnout
  • Find ways to balance work, play, and relationships
  • Learn how to effectively cope with stress in your life
  • Prevent burnout
  • Live life fully
Overcoming Perfectionism: Squeezing the Joy Out of Life
  • Learn ways to do less and achieve more
  • Discover your inherent worth - so that you can stop trying to prove your worth
  • Learn how to slow down and be in the present moment - stop striving and start living
Assertiveness Training:
Learn to Effectively Communicate Your Needs In Relationships
  • Learn how to reduce stress by having your needs met in relationships
  • Learn how to communicate openly and honestly in relationships
  • Make your own needs, feelings, and opinions just as much as of a priority as everyone else’s in your life
  • Learn how to effectively handle disagreements - rather than avoiding conflict
  • Realize your self-worth
Celebrate Your Magnificence!
  • Enhance your self-esteem
  • Develop resilience to stressful life experiences
  • Nurture your inner god or goddess - celebrate your divine self
The Power of Thought: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
  • Challenge maladaptive thinking patterns - eliminate limiting beliefs
  • What you think about expands - manifest your reality using your thoughts
  • Overcome depression and anxiety
  • Develop new neuro-pathways in your brain - so that you are resilient to depression and anxiety