About Dr. Kyla Yaskowich

Dr.Kyla Yaskowich

Dr. Yaskowich, founder of Conscious Living Wellness Services Inc. is a Registered Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is trained in both traditional and non-traditional psychotherapy methods and provides a variety of paths to wellness for individuals and couples. As the needs of each person are unique, she draws on a variety of well-researched treatment approaches including: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Hypnosis, Interpersonal Therapy, Positive Psychology, as well as Existential and Spiritual Psychology.

She has well over 10 years experience during her career and training providing psychological services in hospitals (psychology outpatient and inpatient programs; chronic pain, cancer, gastrointestinal, cardiac, diabetes, and HIV clinics), in a university counseling center, with employee assistance programs, and in the private practice she founded, Conscious Living Wellness Services Inc.

Dr. Yaskowich has been granted numerous national honours and awards during her training as a psychologist and has published her research on emotional resilience to chronic and life-threatening illnesses in international, peer-reviewed journals, marking her distinction. She is also widely respected for the Conscious Living wellness workshops that she facilitates. Her expertise on contemporary psychological issues is frequently sought after by the media. Dr. Yaskowich continues to educate herself on wholistic approaches to raising consciousness and improving well-being by attending international conferences on the intimate relationship between the mind, body, and spirit. Her passion for her work is demonstrated by the high quality of services she provides.

Currently Dr. Yaskowich is providing in-person therapy sessions at her office in Vancouver, BC and offers Skype and Phone sessions for clients who live outside this area.

Dr. Yaskowich's Wholistic Approach and Philosophy

Throughout my career as a psychologist and through my own life experiences I have always marvelled at the resilience of the human spirit. As human beings we have the innate drive to not only survive life’s challenges, but to transform, grow, and thrive as a result of them. In my work I have had the honor and privilege to accompany individuals and couples along their journeys to discovering the emotional and spiritual growth that can result from working through the challenges they face. I have also found that whether people are struggling with Depression, Anxiety, a chronic illness, or are going through any major life transition, they are often seeking greater peace, purpose, and passion in their lives. It is both rewarding and an honour to guide people on this transformational journey.

My training in traditional as well as non-traditional psychotherapeutic techniques enables me to provide you with a variety of paths to wellness. You have your own unique answers within you that can guide you to emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. I can assist you in learning how to tap in to your own inner wisdom to discover and trust your unique life path, maximizing your strengths and realizing your potential. Learn how to live life more mindfully and to become a conscious creator of your life. It would be an honour to assist you in designing the passion-filled, fulfilling life you desire.

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Professional Associations

Dr. Yaskowich adheres to the highest standards of practice as required by her membership in the following professional associations:

She complies with the strict guidelines for ethical conduct set out by the Canadian Psychologists Association in the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists.