Wholistic Approach

Approach to Couples Therapy

Dr. Yaskowich offers Couples Therapy. Our approach utilizes the strengths of your relationship to overcome the obstacles. The methods we use are based on well-researched strategies conducted with couples who have healthy, long-lasting, and fulfilling relationships. Once couples understand the basic needs of their partner, empathize with the underlying emotions associated with those needs, and develop skills to meet those needs, both partners tend to experience deeper connection and greater fulfillment.

Paradoxically, the qualities that attract one person to the other at the beginning of a relationship are frequently the same ones that create frustrations later in a relationship. This is because romantic relationships are a spiritual path and one of their primary purposes is to help heal childhood emotional wounds and to foster emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth. As a result, we are subconsciously attracted to people who offer the opportunity for personal growth. Consequently, some of the most challenging relationships present the greatest opportunities.

Learning to be more conscious in your relationship will allow you to appreciate, honor, and develop compassion for the differences in each other and can help to eradicate emotional distance and conflict - developing a deeper emotional and spiritual bond. In Couples Therapy, you will learn to identify your unhealthy relationship patterns, as well as strategies to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and enhance emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy. As a result, you will experience a deeper, more passionate, and meaningful connection.